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Henry Golding has always been proud of his mixed heritage - his father from England and his mother from the “Iban” tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. Having such a unique background, he has always viewed the world with equally eastern and western values. Growing up predominantly in the UK, his return and love for Asia was of course inevitable. Henry is a fully trained hairstylist turned Host/Travel presenter who resides in Singapore and Malaysia.

After relocating from London back in 2008 to Asia, his career as a regional television host has grown from strength to strength. After his first big break on ESPN Hosting a weekly football show, he found his calling pushing the limits of comfort and exploration with hosting travel programs.

His previous works include: NatGeo and StarWorld co production, “Driving Change”. Channel News Asia productions “Food Reformers”, “Two Brothers Two Cities” and “Don’t Mess With Us”. Mediaprima 8TV productions “Welcome to the Railworld”, “Without Boundaries – Islands and Beaches”, “Without Boundaries – The Great Outdoors”, “ Now Everybody can fly to New Zealand” and “The 8TV Quickie”.

A few of his highlights from his adventures lie in exploring the Soganli Valley of Cappadocia; saving lives with the Raum Katanyu first responders foundation of Bangkok; helping with the revitalization and clearing of debris in Tacloban, Philippines; travelling up the Mekong in Laos in search of the dying culture of the elephant trainers, the mahouts.

Henry’s ability to adapt and keep composure to any filming environment - be it studio-controlled work to extreme and harsh conditions - multiplied by his charisma and infectious character, makes him one of Asia’s most loveable television hosts.

Henry was part of BBC’s “The Travel Show” with 4 other presenters, airing on BBC2 and BBC World News to an audience each week of about 71 million viewers.

In 2017, Henry was in a 6-part series where he embarks on a personal mission to discover his tribal roots - Discovery Channel's 2017 hit, Surviving Borneo. Shortly after that, Henry was cast as the male lead in two upcoming major Hollywood films: Crazy Rich Asians, the adaptation of Singaporean writer Kevin Kwan's best-selling novel, as well as director Paul Feig's A Simple Favor, in which he co-stars with top actresses Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

Henry is proudly represented by FLY Entertainment.