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Noah Yap is an online personality on YouTube with over 78,000 subscribers following his breakout role as I.P. Man in Ah Boys to Men 1 and 2. Having begun his YouTube journey in 2011, Noah does random how-tos and takes on day-to-day situations in his light-hearted and humorous tone. After participating in Ah Boys to Men, Noah discovered that he is very adept at playing comedic roles. In his free time, Noah likes to sing and play the guitar.

From Ah Boy to the Lion Man, Noah plays the role of长不大 (Never Grow Up) in Jack's New Movie, "The Lion Men" 《狮神决战》, an action-comedy which revolved round the lives of the members in the Tiger-Crane Lion Dance Association headed by Master He. To prepare for the role, Noah and the rest of his cast had to go through three months of intensive lion dance and martial arts training. In 2014, Noah reprised his role as the lovelorn IP Man in Ah Boys To Men: The Musical, in which the musical and his performance received positive reviews from the press and critics. From the SAF Music and Drama Company, Noah’s witty sense of humor and comicality enables him to be skilled in hosting live events, from singing competitions to corporate Dinner & Dances. Noah shared the stage once again with the cast of Ah Boys to Men as they entertained the nearly 700-strong audience at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Re:Mix Getai 2020, where he not only performed a song and game segment, but also opened the show with a live on-stage banter with veteran Richard Low.

This young breakout star also won the MYCA Coolest Online Personality Award (2013) and was also involved in the NEA (No Smoking in Public Areas) commercial.

In recent years, Noah has starred in various shows, including Sent, KIN and most recently, Hooq’s She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her, where he plays one of the lead roles.

Noah is marketed by FLY Entertainment.