My Love Sinema

In partnership with FLY Entertainment, MM2 and Bioperfect; My Love Sinema will be coming to cinema on the 8th of September 2016.

Set in the 1950s, My Love Sinema details one man’s never-ending pursuit of his passion for movies and films. It tells the story of Kheong (Tosh Zhang), a young, starry-eyed 20-year-old who moves to Singapore from a kampung in Malaysia, to train as a film projectionist. There, he meets Lee (Jeff Wang), who becomes his mentor and teaches him about life, girls and dancing. At the cinema, Kheong also encounters Wei (Cheryl Wee), a young Chinese teacher who finds herself torn between her obligation as a dutiful daughter and her feelings towards Kheong. As their affection towards each other grows, they face various obstacles that prevent them from being together. A riveting story of courage and hope, this nostalgic film chronicles life’s triumphs and disappointments, inspiring audiences to stay true to their passions.

Tosh Zhang张智扬 (Ah Boys to Men trilogy <新兵正传>系列, The Lion Men <狮神决战>) and Cheryl Wee Cheryl Wee 黃馨慧 (Mediacorp TV Ch 5 crime drama series Mata Mata (Seasons 1-3)) make their debut as leads in the movie alongside Taiwanese actor Jeff Wang王建复(Night Market Life <夜市人生. Produced with the support of the Singapore Film Commission (SFC), My Love Sinema is led by a strong female team starting with FLY Entertainment’s Founder and CEO Irene Ang and Dawn Yip of BioPerfect Marketing as Executive Producers. Alongside them, Scout Picture’s Flora Goh and Masters graduate from the prestigious Beijing Film Academy and a recipient of the 2012 Singapore Film Commission New Talent Feature Grant, Director Tan Ai Leng co-wrote and directed the movie. Prior to filming, the film has won the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion Post Production Award (2011, Taiwan) and participated in the ACE-HK Asia Film Financing Co-Production Lab (2012, Hong Kong).

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